11 Profitable Businesses to Start with 2k in Kenya

11 Profitable Businesses to Start with 2k in Kenya

Are you a Kenyan ready to turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality? With a thoughtful approach, even a small investment of 2,000 Kenyan shillings (approximately 16 USD) can spark the beginnings of a thriving business. Here are 11 ideas to get you started:

1. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming offers a lucrative opportunity in Kenya. With 2k, you can purchase a few chicks or fertilized eggs (depending on your experience) and raise them for the sale of eggs or meat. This business requires space and dedication but promises good returns.

  • Tips
    • Start with a small manageable number of birds.
    • Research best breeds suitable for your market (layers or broilers).
    • Invest in a simple coop and learn about proper feeding and disease prevention.

2. Mobile Money and Agency Banking

Become a mobile money agent (e.g., for M-Pesa) and expand your services with agency banking. With 2k in Kenya, you can cover initial float requirements to facilitate deposits, withdrawals, and bill payments for a variety of banks.

  • Tips:
    • Meet the requirements for becoming a registered agent with various service providers.
    • Secure your business location to safeguard funds.
    • Maintain detailed and accurate records.

3. Movie and Music Vendor

Entertainment is always in demand! With 2k you can purchase a variety of popular movies and music (be sure to obtain proper licensing) on CDs or memory cards. Sell them in areas with limited internet access or to individuals who prefer physical media.

  • Tips
    • Source popular movies and music at wholesale rates.
    • Cater to different genres to widen your customer base.
    • Consider partnering with a cyber café for downloading services.

4. Fresh Juice and Smoothies

Kenya enjoys an abundance of fresh fruits. With 2K, invest in a blender, fruits, and packaging, to create tasty and refreshing juices and smoothies. Selling in a strategic location near offices or gyms can attract health-conscious customers.

  • Tips
    • Offer creative flavor combinations to stand out.
    • Focus on quality ingredients and maintain a hygienic setup.
    • Develop delivery systems to reach a wider clientele.

5. Customized T-shirts and Accessories

Tap into the market for personalized items with heat press printing. With 2k in Kenya, you can purchase a basic heat press machine, plain t-shirts, phone cases, and printable vinyl materials. Offer customized designs or partner with artists to sell locally through online platforms.

  • Tips
    • Learn about heat press design techniques for the best results.
    • Focus on a popular niche (memes, quotes, graphic designs, etc.)
    • Build a strong social media presence for marketing your products.

6. Vegetable Nursery Business

The agriculture sector is a key part of the Kenyan economy. With 2k, you can set up a small-scale seedling nursery for popular vegetables like tomatoes, kale (sukuma wiki), or onions. Sell your seedlings to local farmers and gardeners for profit.

  • Tips:
    • Start with high-demand seedlings in your region.
    • Focus on providing healthy and robust seedlings.
    • Build relationships with your clients to encourage repeat business.

7. Phone Repair Services

Basic phone repairs are in constant demand. With your 2k, invest in essential tools and take online courses or apprentice with a technician. Offer services like screen replacements, battery changes, and simple software troubleshooting.

  • Tips
    • Begin with common repairs, and expand your skills gradually.
    • Use quality parts and offer a warranty for your work.
    • Advertise your services locally through flyers and social media.

8. Online Tutoring

Do you have expertise in a specific subject? Share your knowledge as an online tutor! With 2k in Kenya, you can invest in a good webcam or headset, and market your services on tutoring platforms. Subjects like English, math, and science are always in demand.

  • Tips:
    • Showcase your qualifications professionally.
    • Find your niche subject area to excel as a subject matter expert.
    • Provide exceptional explanations and be patient with students.

9. Professional Car Washing

Upgrade your car washing services with 2k invested in quality detergents, sponges, brushes, and a portable water spray. Offer a premium cleaning service including interior detailing, catering to busy professionals with a little extra to spend.

  • Tips
    • Offer convenient mobile services where you go to the client’s location.
    • Invest in water-saving cleaning techniques where possible.
    • Develop packages with added services like tire shine and waxing.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Promote established products or services online and earn a commission for each sale generated through your unique link. With 2k you could invest in a basic website or social media marketing to reach potential customers for various affiliate programs.

  • Tips:
    • Choose products or services relevant to your interests and audience.
    • Learn basic online marketing or take affordable courses.
    • Be truthful and authentic in your reviews and recommendations.

11. Homemade Skin Care Products

Natural skincare is on the rise. With your 2k, research safe-to-use ingredients, learn basic formulations and create scrubs, soaps, moisturizers, or lip balms. Market them with attractive packaging and branding online or to local beauty stores.

  • Tips
    • Focus on addressing specific skin concerns (acne, dryness, etc.).
    • Conduct patch tests and understand allergy disclaimer requirements.
    • Differentiate yourself with interesting natural ingredients and scents.

Tips for Success When Starting a Business with 2k in Kenya

  • Network and Collaborate: Connect with other small businesses to offer bundled services or cross-promote.
  • Reinvest for growth: Use profits to improve equipment or expand your inventory over time.
  • Seek mentorship: Find experienced entrepreneurs for advice and insight to avoid common pitfalls.


Don’t let a limited budget discourage your entrepreneurial spirit.

These 11 business ideas show that with resourcefulness and dedication, your 2k can be turned into the foundation of a successful business.

Choose an idea that sparks your passion and work diligently for steady growth.

Share which business idea excites you most – I’d love to provide further tailored guidance!

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