How to Register a General Supplies Company in Kenya

How to Register a General Supplies Company in Kenya

General supplies companies offer a wide range of products and services essential for the smooth operation of businesses, organizations, and institutions.

If you want to venture into this diverse sector, understanding how to register a general supplies company in Kenya is crucial for establishing a legitimate and compliant business.

Prerequisites for Registering a General Supplies Company in Kenya

Before starting the registration process, make sure you meet these requirements:

  • Directors: Your company must have at least two directors who are Kenyan citizens aged 18 or above.
  • Business Plan: Prepare a detailed business plan outlining your target market, the specific products or services you’ll supply, your operational plans, and financial projections.
  • Certificates of Good Conduct: Obtain Certificates of Good Conduct for each director as proof of no criminal record.

Steps on How to Register a General Supplies Company in Kenya

The registration process for a general supplies company in Kenya is straightforward:

1. Company Name Search and Reservation

Choose a unique name for your general supplies company and search its availability on the eCitizen platform ([invalid URL removed]). If your chosen name is available, reserve it for 30 days.

2. Company Registration

Register your company on the eCitizen portal as a private limited liability company (this is a common structure for general supplies businesses). Follow the prompts, provide all required information, and pay the registration fees.

3. Business Permits and Licenses

Depending on the specific nature of the goods and services you’ll be supplying, you may need additional licenses or permits. These could include:

  • County Government Business Permit: Obtain this from your local county government.
  • Specific Product Licenses: Some products, such as pharmaceuticals or certain chemicals may require specialized licenses from relevant regulatory bodies.

4. KRA PIN Registration

Register your company for a KRA PIN (tax identification number) through the iTax portal to manage your tax obligations.

Additional Considerations When Registering a General Supplies Company in Kenya

  • Procurement Regulations: Familiarize yourself with Kenya’s public procurement regulations, especially if you’re interested in supplying goods or services to the government.
  • Supplier Networks: Build relationships with reliable suppliers to ensure you can consistently source the products you need.
  • Logistics and Distribution: Establish an effective logistics and distribution system for timely delivery of supplies to your clients.

Important Considerations When Registering a General Supplies Company in Kenya

As with any business venture, there are several points to keep in mind when registering a general supplies company:

  • Insurance: Obtain adequate insurance coverage, such as general liability insurance and product liability insurance, to protect your business.
  • Quality Control: Maintain high standards of quality in the products you supply to build a strong reputation.
  • Customer Service: Develop excellent customer service practices to retain clients and foster a positive reputation.

Cost of Registering a General Supplies Company in Kenya

Costs for registering a general supplies company can vary, but consider these estimated expenses:

  • Name Search and Reservation: Approximately KSh 150
  • Company Registration: Fees range between KSh 10,000 – KSh 20,000
  • Business Permits and Specific Licenses: Costs vary depending on your location and the nature of products you’ll supply.
  • Insurance Premiums: Costs will depend on the type and extent of coverage you choose.

Benefits of Registering a General Supplies Company in Kenya

  • Credibility: Operating as a registered company demonstrates legitimacy and trustworthiness to potential clients.
  • Access to Tenders: Registration allows you to participate in government tenders and contracts.
  • Competitive Advantage: Being a registered and compliant company gives you an edge over informal suppliers.
  • Formal Contracts and Protections: Registration allows for enforceable legal contracts with suppliers and clients.

Challenges of Registering a General Supplies Company in Kenya

  • Competition: The general supplies sector can be competitive. Differentiate yourself with quality products, reliable service, or niche specialization.
  • Procurement Regulations: Navigating public procurement processes can be complex.
  • Cash Flow: Managing cash flow is crucial, especially if you offer credit terms to clients.


Knowing how to register a general supplies company in Kenya involves a clear process and ensures your business is legally recognized and compliant. By building a reputable brand with a focus on quality products and customer service, you can successfully establish yourself in Kenya’s dynamic general supplies market.

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