SEO Services in Kenya

SEO Services in Kenya: Getting Your Business Found Online is My Specialty

Hey there!

That’s me, Kevin.

And I help small businesses like yours get found online with proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Let me paint you a picture of what working together looks like…

Your Website at the Top of Google

Your Website at the Top of Google

Imagine opening up Google, typing a phrase related to your business, and seeing your website right at the top.

The description is compelling and makes searchers want to click. Your website loads lightning fast.

The content answers your potential customer’s questions and provides value.

In no time at all, you’re getting more traffic, more leads, and more sales than ever before.

All thanks to ranking #1 for your important keywords.

This is possible for your business when you let me handle your SEO.

But here’s what I see happening right now:

  • Your website is buried pages deep in Google search results
  • You’re getting minimal traffic from search engines
  • Your content isn’t optimized for keywords your customers use
  • You have no strategy for link building to improve rankings

By working together, we can fix these issues so your ideal customers easily find you online.

I Will Make Your Website Visible to Your Target Customers

I promise that by trusting me as your SEO expert, your website will become visible in search engines to your target audience.

Here is what you can expect:

✔️ A complete SEO audit identifying optimization opportunities

✔️ Keyword research tailored to your business

✔️ Content created and optimized with your keywords

✔️ Technical site fixes for better indexing and performance

✔️ Effective link building strategies for higher rankings

✔️ Detailed monthly reports tracking your progress

My SEO services will get your website ranking high in search results for keywords your potential customers are searching for.

This visibility will translate into more traffic, leads, and sales.

My Clients See Real Results

I have a proven track record of SEO success for small businesses in a variety of industries.

Here are some examples of the results I’ve achieved for my clients:

540% Increase in Organic Traffic

seo services in kenya

A local electronics shop company was getting almost no website traffic prior to working with me.

In just 3 months, I increased their organic traffic from 100 visitors per month to over 11K visitors per month.

Now their website shows up on page 1 of Google for high-value keywords like “laptops in Kenya”.

166% More Lead Form Submissions

A small law firm was struggling to generate leads from their website.

After optimizing their content for keyword terms related to their top services, form submissions increased from 15 to 40 per month.

3X Higher Click-Through-Rate

best seo services in kenya

I optimized an eCommerce site for product keywords which pushed their click-through rate in Google search results from 1% to over 3%.

More people who see their site in results are clicking to their online store.

My past clients have seen significant improvements in their search visibility and website traffic.

I know how to get results.

Let Me Take Over Your SEO to Get Found Online

If you’re ready to get your website found online, let me handle your search optimization.

Here is what I propose:

SEO Audit

I will audit your website including content, technical performance and structure. You’ll get a detailed plan for optimization.

Keyword Research

You’ll receive a custom keyword research report to align your content with high-value search terms.

Page Optimization

I will update website pages with your target keywords so search engines can better index your content.

Link Building

My proven link-building strategies will build quality backlinks to boost your domain authority and search rankings.


You’ll get monthly reports detailing the progress we’re making and the results achieved.

For just $300 per month, I will execute a tailored SEO strategy for your business’s needs.

You’ll get:

✔️ Higher search rankings

✔️ Increased website traffic

✔️ More conversions and sales

✔️ Expert SEO optimizations

Stop wasting time struggling with SEO yourself. Let me handle it to get your business found online.

I’m ready to analyze your website and create an action plan to boost your search visibility.

Click above to book a free consultation call.

My Story: From Struggling Blogger to SEO Expert

I wasn’t always the SEO expert I am today.

In fact, I started out knowing nothing about search engine optimization.

Back when I was just getting into blogging, I would publish content without doing keyword research.

I had no strategy for link building or site optimization.

Needless to say, my sites didn’t get much traffic and made $0.

In fact, this is a screenshot of my first ever blog!

Now, someone else owns the domain😒.

After a couple failed blogging attempts, I got serious about learning SEO.

I researched best practices, tested strategies, and analyzed what worked to boost my own site’s rankings.

Within a year, my traffic skyrocketed.

Here’s a site I started recently, and in less than 6 months, look where it is!

seo services in kenya

Ad revenue followed.

seo services in kenya

I had tangible proof that SEO made a difference, so I doubled down on it for each new website I launched.

Before I knew it, I had ranked over a dozen niche sites on the first pages of Google.

I was able to sell my blogs for 5 and 6-figure price tags thanks to the organic growth fueled by SEO.

Over time, I started offering SEO services to other bloggers and small business owners. With so much first-hand experience, I could get results for clients quickly.

Word spread about my affordable services with proven results.

Soon I had more clients than I could handle myself.

That’s when I brought on my amazing team of SEO specialists.

And the rest is history!

Today I focus purely on SEO services, helping businesses like yours grow through search engine visibility.

I went from a struggling blogger to a successful SEO entrepreneur thanks to perseverance and always learning from my mistakes. Now I want to share my SEO knowledge with you.

Let Me Take Your Website to the Top of Google

If you’re ready to get your business found online, let my team handle your SEO…

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