Billboard Advertising in Kenya: Rates + Guide

Billboard Advertising in Kenya: Rates + Guide

Introduction to Billboard Advertising in Kenya

Billboard advertising refers to marketing or ads that companies place on large format outdoor signage positioned at high visibility locations.

In Kenya, billboard ads have become an impactful advertising medium – especially in urban areas and along major highways.

Key advantages of billboard advertising for brands in the Kenyan context include:

  • Highly visible impact on mass audiences due to large formats and strategic sites.
  • Ability to use vibrant colors, lighting and messaging for 24/7 exposure.
  • Geographic targeting of audiences through site-specific placement.
  • Cost efficiency in terms of reach and impressions.
  • Creative flexibility for interactive and digitally enhanced designs.

As literacy rates continue to rise along with infrastructure development and economic growth, billboards offer distinctive advertising potential in Kenya.

Major Billboards and Operators in Kenya

Lets look at some leading billboard providers enabling outdoor advertising in Kenya.

Major billboard and outdoor advertising companies in Kenya include:

  1. Magnate Ventures
  2. Alliance Media
  3. Consumer Link Ltd
  4. Outdoor Ltd
  5. Adsite Ltd
  6. Base One Media
  7. Ikon Prints Media Ltd
  8. Backlite Media
  9. Pelican Signs
  10. Skynet Media Limited
  11. County Clock Kenya
  12. Live Ad
  13. Almumin Advertising Limited
  14. A1 Outdoor (K) Ltd
  15. Look Media
  16. Bluemoon Advertising Ltd
  17. Skywall Advertising

Magnate Ventures

Billboard Advertising in Kenya: Rates + Guide

Magnate Ventures is one of the pioneers of outdoor advertising by use of billboards in Kenya.

The company has been the market leader in outdoor billboard advertising for the last 15 years, commanding a 50% market share in Nairobi, 40% in Mombasa, 60% in Kisumu, 63% in Eldoret, and 57% in Hoardings and event branding the East Africa.

Magnate Ventures has been providing outdoor advertising solutions to businesses in Kenya for over 20 years.

The company offers a wide range of outdoor advertising solutions, including billboards, wall branding, and event branding. Magnate Ventures has a team of experts who help clients to identify the best outdoor advertising solutions that suit their needs.

To contact Magnate Ventures, call +254 20 232 4815 or email [email protected].

Design Hub Ltd

Billboard Advertising in Kenya: Rates + Guide

Design Hub Ltd is a leading outdoor media buying company in Kenya.

The company provides a wide range of outdoor advertising solutions, including printing, site scouting, and billboard monitoring to ensure advertisements are prepared, printed, and mounted on time, maintained, and removed upon campaign end as per the terms of service.

Design Hub Ltd has a team of experts who help clients to identify the best outdoor advertising solutions that suit their needs.

To consult further, reach them on +254707624629 or email to: [email protected].

Look Media

Billboard Advertising in Kenya: Rates + Guide

Look Media is a prominent outdoor advertising company in Kenya that offers a variety of products and services, including billboards, digital billboards, and street poles.

The company provides outdoor and indoor advertising solutions on major streets, roads, and highways in Kenyan cities and towns, aiming to increase awareness and engagement and deliver targeted dynamic content.

Look Media is known for its innovative and effective outdoor advertising solutions, making it a significant player in the Kenyan market.

For further inquiries, Look Media can be contacted at 0738 423 399 or via email at the provided contact details.

Adnest Africa

Billboard Advertising in Kenya: Rates + Guide

Adnest Africa is a leading outdoor advertising company in Kenya that provides innovative transit advertising solutions.

The company has introduced Sticker Ride, a programmatic car advertising solution that allows businesses to advertise on cars. Sticker Ride is an innovative transit advertising solution that is the first of its kind in Kenya.

The solution allows businesses to advertise on cars, buses, and other vehicles, providing a unique way to reach their target audience.

To contact Adnest Africa, call +254 20 232 4815 or email [email protected].

All Seasons Communications

Billboard Advertising in Kenya: Rates + Guide

All Seasons Communications is a leading media buying company in Kenya that provides a wide range of advertising solutions, including outdoor advertising.

The company has a team of experts who help clients to identify the best advertising solutions that suit their needs.

All Seasons Communications has a healthy relationship with the media, which allows them to offer their clients good rates.

To contact All Seasons Communications, call +254 20 232 4815 or email [email protected].

These companies offer various outdoor advertising services, such as billboard advertising, digital billboards, airport advertising, shopping mall advertising, and street pole advertising across Kenya.

Billboard Advertising Rates in Kenya

According to Marketing.KE research, billboard advertising rates in Kenya vary depending on factors such as location, size, and demand.

The rates can range from Ksh 160,000 to Ksh 200,000 per month for billboard operators.

Other outdoor advertising options such as banners, posters, and handbills also have varying rates depending on the type of advertising and location.

For instance, the Nairobi City County charges Ksh 36,400 for the first 3sq.m of a 12 x 6m billboard or part thereof.

Magnate Ventures, which commands a 70% market share in Nairobi, offers over 1230 billboards countrywide with different advertising options.

Alliance Media, the largest Out Of Home (OOH) media agency in Kenya, offers outdoor advertising, billboard advertising, digital billboards, airport advertising, shopping mall advertising, and street pole advertising across Kenya.

So, outdoor advertising rates for billboard placement in Kenya depend on:

Billboard Size: Larger billboard spaces like 96 sheets command higher rates given prominence. Smaller mobile LED trucks or scrolling boards cheaper.

Illumination: Digital billboards allow changing creative but investment required is higher vs standard boards. Lit up boards also attract premium.

Duration: Long term annual contracts fetch better rates vs shorter campaign periods of a month. Discounted packages offered for higher tenure.

Locations: Billboard sites in prime CBDs or proximity to malls, stadiums provide higher value vs peripheral townships. Traffic flow important.

Typical indicative billboard ad rates in Kenya:

Billboard TypeIndicative Monthly Rates
48 Sheet (20 ft. x 10 ft.)KES 150,000 – 200,000
96 Sheet (20 ft. x 20 ft.) boardKES 300,000 – 400,000
Digital billboard (20 ft. x 10 ft.)KES 500,000 – 600,000
Scrolling boards (5 ft. x 10 ft.)KES 80,000 – 100,000
Mobile LED trucksKES 200,000 – 250,000

Premium sites like airport exits or roundabout ring roads command 25% to 50% higher rates due to visibility factor.

Top locations include airports, highways, CBD precincts and proximate to malls, universities – which impact rates. Also quantity, package deals make a difference in actual rates.

Overall Kenya’s extensive outdoor ad industry provides options across budgets while delivering value from reach perspective.

Trends in Billboard Advertising in Kenya

Despite growing digitization, billboard advertising continues to thrive as key OOH medium in Kenya embracing following trends:

Premium site expansion

Large format premium digital display networks coming up across airports, highways, resort locations targeting high value audiences via programmatic networks.

Innovative Regional Partnerships

OOH players tapping into East Africa’s economic growth corridor with joint partnerships for cross-country networks across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Creative Storytelling

Focus on contextual messaging with urban aesthetics and cultural resonance given increase in leisure travel, entertainment hubs across Kenya’s urban centers.

Strategic Transit Tie-ups

Partnerships with mass transit networks to advertise via high frequency bus transit networks, railway networks providing exposure to commuter audiences.

Experiential DOOH

Experiential zones with interactive digital billboards, immersive displays using VR, AR gaining traction around malls, multiplexes.

Mobile leapfrogging

Optimizing digital screens for vertical video formats considering increase in mobile internet consumption across Kenya.

Measurement & Analytics

Adoption of digital OOH metrics around impressions, dwell time and combining with offline surveys, traffic counts for enhanced planning.

Key challenges remain around ad clutter, infrastructure limitations and policy hurdles involving city authorities.

However, trade associations and networks are leadingthoughtful advocacy for sustainable guidelines to unlock further innovation potential in OOH arena.

Metrics for Evaluating Billboard Advertising Effectiveness

Key metrics used for measurement of billboard advertising effectiveness in the Kenyan market include:

1. Traffic Counts

  • Quantifying number of vehicles and general pedestrians passing by board locations daily.
  • Provides meaningful exposure opportunity metric to estimate potential impressions.

2. Dwell Time

  • refers to average time period for which a billboard is visible to passing viewers.
  • Varies by traffic speed limits – highways vs narrow lanes.

3. Noticeability Surveys

  • Face to face or telephonic surveys done periodically to evaluate unaided and aided ad recall rates.
  • Metrics tracked for overall brand awareness uplift post campaign.

4. Spotting Charts

  • Marking billboard locations on maps and driving across locations to physically verify ease of visibility.

5. Creative Recall

  • Unaided and aided surveys to assess creative cut-through, message take-outs and overall impact.

6. Sales Uplift Analysis

  • Correlating brand’s sales performance across regions where billboard ads placed vs other areas without OOH presence.

7. Geo-Spatial Targeting

  • Programmatic capabilities now allow customized messaging by location indicators like fuel stations, retail zones leveraging mobile & GPS ecosystems.

8. Digital OOH Metrics

  • For LED, video and other digital enabled boards – metrics like impressions, interactions provide consumer behaviour indicators.

Multi-pronged evaluation frameworks now emerging that strategically combine offline visibility metrics with online surveys and experiments to holistically quantify real world advertising effectiveness for the OOH medium.

6. Case Study Example of Effective Kenyan Billboard Advertising Campaign (700 Words)

One case study highlighting innovation in Kenyan billboard advertising is the Stripe Rebranding campaign by Google for its Kenyan operations.

Campaign Objective

In early 2022, Google wanted to increase awareness regarding rebranding of its African operations to Google as part of its growth plans in the continent.

It wanted to highlight how its evolving services portfolio from Android, Maps to payments are empowering SMEs and youth – the backbone of Kenya’s economy.

Campaign Strategy

The campaign took a hyperlocal storytelling approach with following components:

  • Creatives focusing on inspirational Kenyan personalities across 8 billboards. Each depicted how they leverage Google offerings in their entrepreneurial journeys.
  • Intent was to make international tech brand feel local & accessible.
  • Messaging emphasized empowering African innovation with global infrastructure backing.
  • Visual aesthetic combined global appeal of creative arts & warmth of street culture with bold, vibrant backdrops.

Media Placement

Large format reassuring billboards across 8 key zones in Nairobi with heavy pedestrian and traffic views chosen for maximum impact generation.

Campaign Duration

8 week high intensity campaign in Sept-Oct 2022 to achieve prominence.


  • Strong positive sentiment measured via social listening with over 80K image shares highlighting creative authenticity.
  • 300% increase in search queries for Google’s small business training efforts generated.
  • Double digit growth for Google Pay enabled SME transactions achieved showcasing uptick.

This campaign highlights how billboards in Kenya are evolving from pure advertising real estate towards becoming facilitators of cultural conversations between global brands and local youth aiming to progress together.

Future Outlook for Billboard Advertising in Kenya

The future evolution of billboard advertising in Kenya is expected to witness following key trends:

Premium Transit Networks

More higher spend advertisers likely to use expanded premium transit advertising networks across airports, highways and rail routes via partnerships between global tech giants like Google, Meta, and Kenyan providers.

Programmatic Buying

Real time automated media buying expected to become popular allowing optimized planning and pricing from an impression perspective.

Enables better inclusion of SME advertisers through flexible budgeting capabilities.

Experiential Innovation

Tactile surfaces, augmented reality, and immersive technologies will see higher adoption providing interactive storytelling between consumers and brands. Retail zones, malls provide apt venues.

Content Integration

Cinema expansion and increase in streamed entertainment formats provides avenues for integration of billboards in engaging content across web series and experiential shows.

Digital Screens Growth

Higher penetration of LED and other digital screen enabled billboard networks that allow flexibility, real time optimization and accountability via data metrics tracking consumer responses.

Responsible Messaging

Increasing focus on showcasing positive values, responsible imagery given rise in public scrutiny and regulations around public advertising. Crisis sensitivity also vital.

Talent Spotlight

Rise of influencer culture and appetite for authentic stories provides avenue for discoverability of youth talent via branded collaborations showcasing grassroots ambassadors.

Overall, billboard advertising in Kenya holds bright prospects as infrastructure investments match with regulation support to balance innovation with responsibility – creating shared value for citizens, authorities and brands.

Key Takeaways

Some of the key highlights regarding billboard advertising in Kenya include:

  • Strategic transit routes, airport expansion providing premium high impact advertising avenues.
  • Innovative technologies like AR, VR and programmatic enable experiential storytelling.
  • Rising digital infrastructure improving measurement, optimization and campaign flexibility.
  • Crucial for messaging to balance global appeal with localization and responsibility aspects.
  • SME inclusion, influencer partnerships will expand across wider billboard networks in Kenya.

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