How To Start Online Writing in Kenya (As A Beginner)

How To Start Online Writing in Kenya (As A Beginner)

Online writing has become an extremely popular way for people in Kenya to earn an income online.

With increasing internet access and a high number of English speakers, Kenya is an ideal place to launch an online writing career from home.

For beginners who are just starting out, online writing offers a flexible and location-independent way to utilize writing skills and make money.

What is Online Writing in Kenya?

Online Writing in Kenya

Online writing involves creating content for websites, blogs, marketing materials and other digital media.

Writers can work for companies on a freelance basis, or as independent bloggers and website owners.

The internet provides access to a global audience for Kenyan writers today.

Popular online writing opportunities in Kenya include copywriting, content writing, technical writing, creative writing and search engine optimized (SEO) writing.

Writers can find jobs creating blog posts, ebooks, website content, marketing materials, press releases, and more.

Rates vary based on the writer’s skill level and niche.

With perseverance and commitment, Kenyan online writers can build a steady income and successful writing career.

This guide covers everything a beginner needs to launch into the world of online writing in Kenya.

We’ll look at the skills required, where to find work, types of writing gigs and tips for succeeding as an online writer.

Let’s get started!

Why online writing is a great opportunity in Kenya

Why online writing is a great opportunity in Kenya

Online writing provides a tremendous opportunity for Kenyans to make money from home and build skills, for several key reasons:

High internet penetration

Kenya has one of the highest internet penetration rates in Kenya, with over 32.7% of the population connected.

This provides a great foundation for doing work online. Many Kenyans also access the internet through affordable mobile devices.

As long as you have a computer and internet, you can start writing online from anywhere in the country.

Good English skills

English is an official language in Kenya and widely used in schools, business and government.

This gives Kenyan writers an advantage when writing for international clients and publications. Strong English skills allow Kenyans to compete for online writing jobs from all over the world.

Freelancing opportunities

Online writing in Kenya is primarily done on a freelance basis, where writers complete short-term projects for various clients.

Popular freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr connect Kenyan writers to clients across the globe looking for their services. This provides flexible income opportunities without being tied down to one employer.

Location independence

A major advantage of online writing is the ability to work remotely and live anywhere.

As long as you have your laptop and internet connection, your physical location doesn’t matter.

This is ideal for those who want to earn an income while having the freedom to travel or stay close to family.

Variety of writing gigs

There are diverse writing opportunities online covering different topics, formats and styles.

Writers can choose to specialize in a niche they enjoy most, whether it’s blogging, technical writing, marketing copy or creative fiction. This variety keeps your work exciting.

Supplemental income

For those with a full-time job or other commitments, online writing provides a great side income.

You can start small by taking on writing projects outside your working hours. The income can supplement your salary and allow you to save up over time.

Flexible schedule

Online writers in Kenya typically set their own schedules and deadlines when taking on projects.

You can choose to work at specific times that fit your daily routine and take on as much or as little work as needed. This flexibility also allows you to work around other responsibilities.

Skills needed to become an online writer in Kenya

Skills needed to become an online writer in Kenya

To succeed as an online writer in Kenya, you need to develop a specific skillset. Here are some of the most important skills every beginner should focus on:

a). Strong grammar and vocabulary

Having solid grammar skills is crucial for writing clearly and professionally.

You need to know rules for punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure and more. Also expand your vocabulary through reading to express ideas accurately.

Avoiding grammar mistakes establishes you as a skilled writer.

b). Research abilities

Most online writing requires extensive research on diverse topics.

Before you can write on a subject, you need to gather information from reputable sources.

Strong research skills allow you to become knowledgeable quickly so you can write authoritatively.

Learn how to efficiently find facts, statistics, expert opinions, definitions and examples to include.

c). Technical writing expertise

Many online writing gigs in Kenya involve technical topics like technology, science, software, and manufacturing.

Develop the ability to break down complex information into easy-to-understand explanations. Familiarize yourself with technical terminology and how to accurately convey technical details.

d). SEO knowledge

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to create content optimized for online searches.

This involves using target keywords, crafting meta descriptions, employing headings and using alt text.

Having SEO skills helps you write content designed to rank highly on search engines like Google.

e). Copywriting ability

Copywriting involves writing clear, persuasive text like marketing materials and website content.

Strong copywriters can convincingly promote products, services or ideas to influence readers.

Brush up on your copywriting skills for demand online writing roles.

f). Creativity

For fiction, poems, scripts and more creative writing projects, you need to tap into your imagination.

Creative writing involves crafting stories, narratives and interesting characters that capture a reader’s attention.

Practice thinking outside the box and using vivid, descriptive language.

g). Time management

Online writers in Kenya must know how to effectively budget time when working independently.

Set aside specific hours for writing versus research, marketing and administrative tasks.

Create schedules and goals to stay productive and hit deadlines. Discipline and organization help manage your workload.

h). Resilience

The path to becoming a successful online writer inevitably involves rejection and criticism.

Maintain resilience by not taking negative feedback personally. Be open to improving your writing skills and finding new opportunities. Persistence is key.

The foundation of any good writer is mastering grammar, language and research fundamentals.

Bolster this with technical know-how, creative thinking, time management and determination.

Continuously expand your expertise. With dedication, you can gain the diverse skills for online writing success in Kenya.

How much can you earn as an online writer in Kenya?

How much can you earn as an online writer in Kenya?

Here are some estimates for how much one can earn as an online writer in Kenya:

  • As a beginner, you can expect to earn approximately KES 10,000-20,000 per month. This assumes you are able to get regular writing gigs from sites like Upwork and Freelancer. The pay starts low as you build your portfolio.
  • With 1-2 years experience, you could earn KES 30,000-50,000 monthly. Your rates increase as you gain expertise in a profitable niche and secure higher paying clients.
  • A mid-level online writer with 3-5 years experience can earn KES 50,000-80,000 per month. At this point, you likely have steady clients and a solid writing reputation.
  • Expert online writers with 5+ years experience can earn over KES 100,000 per month. Top writers who publish books or manage their own sites earn over KES 200,000 per month.
  • Additional income streams like selling online courses, affiliate marketing, or consultancy services can add another KES 20,000-50,000+ to your monthly earnings.
  • Rare but highly successful online writers who build their personal brand can earn over KES 500,000 per month from a mix of sources.

So, freelance writers monthly earnings typically range from KES 10,000-80,000 for most online writers in Kenya.

And with consistent hard work and skill building, six-figure monthly incomes are possible at the highest levels over the long term.

How to get your first online writing job in Kenya

How to get your first online writing job in Kenya

For beginners ready to start earning, here are effective ways to land your first online writing gigs in Kenya:

Join content mills

A great starting point is creating a profile with content mills like iWriter, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Constant Content.

These platforms connect writers directly to clients looking to outsource work.

Set up a compelling profile highlighting your experience, skills and rates.

Then actively bid on writing projects that match your niche. This provides a steady stream of paid writing opportunities.

Guest blog outreach

Guest blogging entails writing posts for publication on other established sites and blogs.

Start researching blogs aligned with your niche and pitch relevant article ideas to the editors.

Having guest posts published builds your portfolio and brand. Just be sure to negotiate payment as not all guest blogging is paid.

Start your own blog

Having your own blog or website allows you to freely publish writing samples. You can pitch your blog to prospective clients down the line.

Focus on picking a good niche, optimizing SEO, and consistently publishing quality content.

Later you can also display ads or sponsored posts to directly monetize your site.

Apply for fellowships

Look out for paid writing fellowships and mentorships targeted at beginners looking to get started, like the Oprah Winfrey Foundation Fellowship Program for African Women.

These provide excellent training, portfolio development and networking opportunities.

Reach out directly to companies

Research companies you’d like to write for and send a customized pitch offering your writing services.

Provide sample articles on related topics to showcase your skills. Following up with phone calls after sending proposals can also increase your chances.

Leverage social media

Platforms like LinkedIn, X, and Facebook allow you to directly connect with clients too.

Join relevant writing and freelancing groups to network and respond to requests for writers.

Make posts showcasing your work to attract new opportunities.

Attend writers’ events

Look out for conferences and meetups happening locally or virtually.

These allow you to meet and learn from experienced writers in your field. Partner with writers you meet to collaborate on projects and refer work to each other.

Build a writing portfolio

Assemble a collection of your best writing samples and published articles.

Include pieces that showcase your range across different styles and topics.

Share this portfolio with prospective employers when pitching for work. A solid portfolio helps sell your skills.

Offer your services for free

If you’re still new with limited samples, consider taking on a few writing projects for free to gain experience.

Many online publications accept contributed articles and stories. Having more published pieces under your belt, even unpaid, makes you more employable.

Enroll in a writing course

Joining a writing workshop or online freelance writing course helps refine your skills in areas like copywriting, blogging, SEO writing or editing.

Investing in your education also provides mentorship opportunities and peer feedback on your work.

With persistence and creativity, you can get those critical first-paying gigs.

This gradually builds your reputation and portfolio until you have a steady stream of clients.

Remember to deliver quality work consistently to position yourself for more opportunities.

Types of online writing gigs in Kenya

Types of online writing gigs in Kenya

There is an extensive range of paid online writing gigs for beginners to gain experience with in Kenya:

Blog writing

One of the most common entry-level opportunities is creating blog posts for companies, organizations and personal blogs.

Typical projects involve writing 500-1000 word articles around specific topics and keywords.

Getting some guest blogging bylines under your belt is great initial experience.


Copywriting involves writing promotional text like website content, ads, emails, product descriptions, and sales pages.

These are widely needed by online businesses and marketing teams. Study principles of effective and persuasive copywriting tailored for online mediums.

Technical writing

If you have expertise in a technical field like engineering, IT, or computer science, you can write instruction manuals, how-to guides, project documentation and more for technical clients.

Technical writing skills are in high demand online.

SEO writing

SEO writers create articles and web content designed to rank highly in search engines results.

This requires extensive keyword research and optimizing content for topics people are searching for online. Firms hire SEO writers to improve website visibility.

Research writing

Some writers are hired to research topics deeply and gather data, statistics, expert opinions, facts and definitions around a subject.

Strong research skills allow you to compile detailed reports clients use to create final projects.

Grant/proposal writing

Many nonprofits and organizations hire writers to create grant proposals, applications, concept notes, and related documents to receive funding.

With some background research, beginners can provide basic grant and proposal writing services.

News writing

Online newspapers and magazines may recruit writers to report on stories happening locally or nationally.

Build your ability to research and write compelling news articles covering events, issues, and current affairs.

Press releases

When companies release new products, close big deals or want media coverage, they publish press releases online.

Writers are needed to draft these announcements in a journalistic style that generates interest.


From YouTube videos to corporate training materials, writers are hired to create scripts outlining dialogue and scene details.

Aspiring scriptwriters can gain experience drafting scripts for smaller video production projects.

Creative writing

If you enjoy fiction, poetry or other creative genres, look for online literary journals and websites accepting submissions.

Or offer creative writing services creating stories, poems or scripts tailored to clients’ needs.


Transcribing audio or video files into text documents provides good writing practice and income.

Beginners can find transcription jobs with quick turnarounds to build up their speed and accuracy.

Data entry

Some basic data entry work inputting information or descriptions for companies can serve as useful starter projects while you gain skills for higher-paying writing work.

The options are truly diverse for entering the online writing field in Kenya. Don’t be afraid to take on small jobs in the beginning as you master new genres and styles.

Soon you will be equipped for higher-earning assignments.

Tips for success as an online writer in Kenya

Tips for success as an online writer in Kenya

Launching a rewarding online writing career takes strategy and effort. Here are crucial tips for beginners in Kenya to write successfully:

#1. Build a niche

Establish expertise writing for a specific industry, topic or audience. For instance, focus on financial writing, health and nutrition or writing for nonprofit clients. Building authority in a profitable niche leads to higher paying work.

#2. Continuously expand your skills

Commit to lifelong learning as a writer. Take courses, read extensively, attend seminars, and stay on top of industry best practices. Strong writing takes constant work and improvement in areas like SEO, research, interviewing skills and more.

#3. Master time management

When working independently, diligent time management is essential. Structure your days effectively to balance writing with non-writing tasks like pitching clients and accounting. Set daily and weekly goals to maintain productivity and hit deadlines.

#4. Promote yourself

Actively market your writing skills and achievements rather than waiting for opportunities. Maintain an updated portfolio website. Publish helpful writing samples as blog posts. Participate in online writing groups to network. Self-promotion secures more work.

#5. Expand your client base

Start with smaller clients when launching out before working up to bigger publications and companies.

Provide excellent service that leads to referrals. Reach out to past satisfied clients with new project ideas. Expanding your roster of loyal clients is key.

#6. Negotiate fair rates

Research standard pay rates based on factors like skill level, niche, project scope and platform. Don’t undersell yourself as a beginner. Politely negotiate rates reflecting your value as you gain experience. Earning fair pay motivates better work.

#7. Manage work-life balance

Avoid burnout from overwork by setting boundaries and taking breaks. Write during your productive hours then disconnect. Make time for family, hobbies and your mental health. Sustainable writing careers require work-life balance.

#8. Collaborate with other writers

You can expand your capabilities by partnering with complementing writers, like content creators, copywriters or expert researchers.

Collaborating allows you take on more complex projects. Split the work based on each writer’s strengths.

#9. Provide excellent service

Being reliable, meeting deadlines, communicating promptly and delivering error-free work results in more hired assignments. Clients value and reward writers who make their job easier.

Provide quality service that sets you apart.

#10. Keep growing your expertise

Successful online writing in Kenya is a continuous learning journey without an endpoint. Keep reading extensively. Take writing courses. Master writing tools. The more skilled and knowledgeable you become over time, the more in-demand your services will be.

With strategic planning and consistent hard work, Kenyan online writers can build expertise, reputation and income.

Focus on serving clients well, managing your schedule effectively and expanding your capabilities.

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Key Takeaways

  • Online writing provides flexible income opportunities for Kenyans given high internet access and English proficiency. Writers can work remotely for clients worldwide.
  • Strong grammar, research skills and expertise in areas like technical writing or copywriting are key foundations to build. SEO knowledge is also valuable.
  • Beginners can get initial writing experience on content mills or guest blogging before pitching to companies directly. Building a portfolio is crucial.
  • There are diverse online writing gigs from blogging to scripts and press releases. Start with smaller projects to gain skills before accessing higher-paying work.
  • To succeed, continuously expand your expertise, promote your personal brand, collaborate with other writers, meet deadlines, and provide excellent service.
  • Online writing offers a promising remote career path for Kenyans. With dedication and perseverance, beginners can progress to well-paying writing roles long-term.

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