How Does Instagram Pay in Kenya? #6 Proven Ideas

How Does Instagram Pay in Kenya? #6 Proven Ideas

Instagram has become a popular way for influencers and content creators in Kenya to earn money. With over 1 million monthly active Instagram users in the country, there is a large audience that brands want to reach. But how exactly does Instagram pay users in Kenya?

There are a few main ways Instagrammers in Kenya can monetize their account and content. Understanding the options can help creators develop the right monetization strategy for their goals and audience.

#1. Sponsored Content and Affiliate Marketing

The most direct way for Kenyan Instagram influencers to earn money is through sponsored content and affiliate marketing deals. This involves partnering with a brand to promote their products or services to your audience.

Some key things to know:

  • Negotiating a Rate: As an influencer, you can negotiate rates directly with brands based on your account stats like followers, engagement, etc. Typical earnings can range from a few thousand KES for micro-influencers to over 100K KES for accounts with 100K+ followers.
  • Affiliate Commissions: Affiliate deals earn you commission for driving sales, clicks or signups. Commissions are usually 5-20%.
  • Compliance: Disclose sponsored posts using #ad or #sponsored. Be truthful about products. Follow FTC endorsement guidelines.
  • Getting Deals: Pitch brands directly or go through an agency. Look for relevant, engaged followers and quality content.

Here are some platform options for affiliate and sponsorship opportunities:

  • Rookie Bunny Club: Connects brands with Kenyan influencers specifically. Easy sign up.
  • Affiliate Networks: Such as Shopify, Amazon Associates, ClickBank, etc. Earn commission promoting major brands.
  • Direct Brand Partnerships: Research brands you love and pitch customized partnerships.

#2. Instagram Shopping and Drops

Instagram has been expanding shopping features that enable businesses and creators to sell products directly on Instagram. This can be lucrative for Kenyans with engaged follower bases.

Key Instagram Shopping Options:

  • Instagram Store: Sell products via an Instagram Store connected to your Facebook Shop. Fans can browse and buy without leaving Instagram.
  • Shopping Posts: Tag products in non-paid posts so users can tap to learn more and purchase.
  • Instagram Drops: Time-limited releases of exclusive products in Stores or shoppable posts. Creates urgency and excitement.

Tips for Earning with Instagram Shopping:

  • Curate Quality Products: Source, design or produce fun products your audience will genuinely love – apparel, arts & crafts, beauty products etc.
  • Promote New Drops: Drum up excitement by promoting upcoming drops via Stories, Reels, posts etc. Share behind-the-scenes of your process.
  • Strong Visual Branding: Show products in use via high-quality, on-brand photos and videos. Boost perceived value.
  • Retarget Past Customers: Remarket shopping posts to users who already purchased or browsed products.

Monetizing directly via built-in shopping takes more effort but higher reward. Kenyan sellers retain majority profit rather than small affiliate commissions.

#3. Instagram Reels Bonus Program

Instagram’s Reels bonus program is starting to roll out in Kenya, providing another way for creators to earn.

Here’s an overview:

  • What it is: Instagram pays qualifying Reels creators bonuses based on their Reels’ engagement and viewership. The amount varies based on views, accounts reached etc.
  • Who Qualifies: All public accounts in approved regions can apply. Certain types like sports, news, politics don’t qualify currently.
  • How to Apply: Tap the “+” in Reels > “Bonuses” > Follow the steps to see if eligible.
  • Metrics that Matter: Length, Views, Accounts Reached, Saves and Shares boost potential payouts. Consider trending audio and strategic hashtags.

Some tips for maximizing earnings:

Engage Frequently

  • Post fresh Reels at least 3x a week. Consistency aids the algorithm.
  • Keep early followers engaged daily via Stories, feeds etc. High ER boosts future reach.

Optimize Each Reel

  • Hook viewers fast: Bold text, interesting visuals
  • Keep first 5 seconds packed with action
  • Concise info delivered clearly and creatively
  • Use strategic, trending hashtags and sounds

Analyze Performance

  • Check Reels Insights to identify top-performing elements
  • Double down on assets, sounds, durations etc that succeed
  • Rapidly iterate and test new variables with each Reel

Leaning into Reels as an income stream does require commitment. But for entertaining, savvy creators able to build consistent viewership, substantial earnings are attainable.

#4. Linktree and Tip Links

WAYS to make money on instagram in kenya

While Instagram doesn’t allow active website links or tipping, Kenyan creators can direct their Instagram followers to external profiles for monetization links.

Two major options are:

Linktree Profile

A Linktree acts as a landing page for all your important links.


  • List multiple income stream options like PayPal, buy me a coffee, online shops, Patreon etc
  • Highly customizable – colors, layouts
  • Analytics on traffic and clicks

Best Practices

  • Share your Linktree URL prominently in bio
  • Promote specific links thru Stories and posts: “Checkout my shop via my profile!”
  • Keep top 8 links highly visible

Cash App/PayPal Tip Link in Bio

Many creators include a fixed tip link directly in Instagram bio.

This offers:

  • Straightforward Support: Followers can easily send money to show appreciation
  • Money Goes Directly to You: No middlemen means you retain maximum income

To Implement:

  • Select PayPal, Cash App, Buy Me a Coffee or whichever service you prefer
  • Create fixed public link to your account e.g
  • Put full link prominently in bio
  • Give verbal call outs to bio link during live videos, in posts etc

With consistency and savvy promotion, direct tip links can add up – especially for creators providing value regularly.

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#5. Instagram Live Gifting

Instagram Live enables real-time engagement with followers.

For approved accounts, the Live Gifting feature allows followers to purchase “Stars” to send creators gifts during broadcasts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Receiving Gifts: When you get a Star gift in Live, special animations play to notify hosts and viewers
  • Gift Types: 7 varieties like lips, hearts and unicorns with variable Star values (~$0.01/Star)
  • Withdrawing Balance: Cash out once you accumulate over $100 via bank transfer or PayPal

Some best practices for earning from Instagram Live:

Prepare Engaging Content

  • Tease hot topics, demos, Q&As in advance
  • Make questions and live challenges part of the experience
  • Use eye-catching thumbnails and titles

Prompt for Gifts Strategically

  • Casually cue Stars when energy and chat volume feels high
  • Spot repeat big gift senders and thank by name
  • Offer bonus content if gifting benchmarks hit

Boost Discoverability

  • Experiment with different day/time slots
  • Use clickable hashtags like #fyp #viral #live
  • Collaborate with similar creators

While Instagram gifting may seem small, consistent 1-2 hour weekday sessions can drive substantial income over time. The key is crafting fascinating content and actively engaging viewers.

#6. Multi-Platform Monetization

The most lucrative Instagram money-making strategy is utilizing it as a marketing hub to drive traffic to external monetization platforms.

Popular destinations include:

  • YouTube: For AdSense earnings from YouTube videos
  • TikTok: Features tipping and creator funds capabilities
  • Twitch: Raising subscriber and bit donations during gaming live streams
  • Ko-Fi: Allows supporters to donate one-time tips or monthly
  • Patreon: Enables backers to fund ongoing work

Cross-promoting is crucial to maximize income:

  • Instagram Playlist Cross-posting: Auto-share Reels and video to other apps
  • Link Key Platforms in Bio: So fans know where to follow, subscribe, pledge etc
  • Drive Traffic to Earning Opportunities: Drop links during Instagram Lives, posts etc

Diversifying monetization methods allows each platform to play to its strengths. For example:

  • Instagram: Builds subscriber count and brand authority
  • YouTube: Offers greatest view monetization potential
  • TikTok: Enables direct tipping unlike Instagram

Taking the time to set up integrated income flows results in multiple automated, passive earning streams that collectively can surpass relying on Instagram alone. But it all starts with using Instagram’s tremendous reach in Kenya to gain followers and make money.

Key Takeaways

  • Major Instagram monetization options for Kenyans include sponsored content, affiliate marketing, shopping features, Reels bonuses, linking out to tip sites or external platforms.
  • Maximizing earnings relies on a mix of account authority, engaged following and savvy promotion of earning opportunities.
  • Diversifying income streams by directing Instagram followers to additional monetized platforms can dramatically boost total earnings.
  • With preparation and dedication, Kenyan creators are poised to build lucrative careers leveraging Instagram.

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