Earn With Your Phone: 7 Hot Kenyan Smartphone Gigs

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 10:53 am

Are you in Kenya, holding onto a smartphone but unsure how to turn it into a money-maker? You’re not alone.

Many Kenyans are searching for ways to capitalize on their mobile devices amidst rising living costs and the need for extra income sources.

Luckily, with just your phone and an internet connection, there’s a bounty of opportunities waiting right at your fingertips.

In fact, did you know that paid surveys have become a staple hustle for many smartphone users across Kenya?

They offer an accessible way to start earning without major investment or technical skills.

This article will guide you through seven booming gigs that can help turn your idle screen time into cash flow—from capturing beautiful photos to sharing knowledge via online tutoring—all manageable from the comfort of your home or on-the-go.

Get ready to discover how these handy tools in your pocket open doors to financial possibilities! Keep reading; it’s easier than you think.

7 Lucrative Ways to Earn Money With Your Phone in Kenya

Take advantage of paid survey opportunities, showcase your photography skills, start a vlog or blog, offer online tutoring services, and explore affiliate marketing.

These are just a few smartphone gigs that can help you earn money from the comfort of your home in Kenya.

Paid Surveys

Earning money with your phone in Kenya can be as simple as sharing your opinion through paid surveys.

Companies and researchers are always on the lookout for consumer feedback to improve their products or services, and they’re willing to pay for it.

You can sign up for legitimate apps like Swagbucks, which is highly popular among Kenyans, and start earning right away.

With each survey you complete, you collect points that can be converted into cash or gift cards.

Taking part in online surveys allows you to earn from anywhere – all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

This flexible side hustle fits easily into your schedule because you decide when to participate.

Whether it’s during a break from work or while waiting for a bus, filling out these surveys could turn idle time into productive earning moments.

Just make sure any app you use is reputable and secure before giving out personal information.

As one of the 25 legitimate ways identified to make money using your mobile phone in Kenya, paid surveys offer a straightforward avenue to boost your income without hefty investments.

Be honest with your responses; companies rely on authentic feedback.

Your insights contribute valuable data that shapes future market trends – making every completed survey both profitable for you and influential in the business world.


Transitioning from earning money through paid surveys, another lucrative opportunity for smartphone users in Kenya is photography.

With the rise of social media and online businesses, the demand for high-quality images is continually growing.

As a smartphone owner in Kenya, you can take advantage of this trend by capturing captivating photos that meet the needs of businesses and individuals.

Whether it’s snapping product shots for e-commerce stores, shooting portraits for profiles, or capturing scenic landscapes for travel blogs, your phone can be a valuable tool to earn money through photography.

In addition to traditional photography gigs, there are platforms and apps available specifically for Kenyan smartphone users to sell their photos online.

Leveraging these opportunities and tapping into Kenya’s rich cultural diversity and natural beauty can provide you with a steady stream of income right from your phone.


Vlogging is a booming opportunity for Kenyans to earn money using their smartphones.

With engaging content and consistent uploads, you can attract a large following and monetize your vlogs through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

Leveraging the high demand for video content in Kenya, vlogging presents an excellent chance to showcase your creativity while earning from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, as smartphone usage continues to rise in Kenya, the audience for vlogging is expanding rapidly, providing even more potential for income.

Moving on to the next outlined point about “Blogging”, let’s explore how Kenyan smartphone users can turn their passion for writing into a source of income.


When it comes to earning money with your smartphone in Kenya, blogging can be a lucrative endeavor.

With the growing demand for online content, Kenyans have the opportunity to use their smartphones to create engaging and informative blogs that cater to a wide audience.

Whether you’re passionate about travel, food, fashion, or technology, there’s an audience waiting to read what you have to say.

By creating quality content and leveraging social media platforms like Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), Kenyan bloggers can attract a substantial following and generate income through advertising and sponsored posts.

Kenyan smartphone users can take advantage of blogging as a way to share their knowledge on various topics while also earning money.

Through consistent effort and dedication, bloggers in Kenya are carving out their own space in the digital world while creating opportunities for themselves.

Online Tutoring

You can earn money by offering online tutoring services to students in Kenya.

Utilize your expertise and passion for specific subjects like math, science, or languages to help others learn and excel academically.

With the growing demand for quality education, there are ample opportunities for Kenyan smartphone users to provide valuable tutoring services remotely.

Take advantage of legitimate platforms and apps available in Kenya that facilitate online tutoring and connect you with students seeking academic support.

Online tutoring allows you to work from the comfort of your home and set your schedule according to your availability.

Leverage this flexible earning opportunity while making a positive impact on students’ learning journeys.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way for Kenyan smartphone users to earn money.

You can join affiliate programs and promote products or services through your social media accounts or blogs.

When someone makes a purchase using your unique affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Many Kenyans have found success in affiliate marketing by partnering with popular e-commerce platforms like Jumia and Kilimall to promote their products online.

With the growing e-commerce trend in Kenya, there are numerous opportunities to explore and tap into this lucrative market.

To excel in affiliate marketing, choose products or services that align with your interests and resonate with your audience.

By leveraging the power of social media, blogging, and other digital platforms, Kenyan smartphone owners can generate passive income through successful affiliate partnerships.

As more businesses embrace online selling in Kenya, the potential for earning through affiliate marketing continues to grow.

Explore various strategies and find the right fit for you as an aspiring Kenyan affiliate marketer.

Other Smartphone Gigs to Consider

Explore other smartphone gigs like e-commerce, app reviewing, and freelancing for additional opportunities to earn money with your phone in Kenya.


E-commerce platforms provide a way for Kenyans to sell products and services online, making use of their smartphones.

With the increasing number of smartphone users in Kenya, e-commerce has become more accessible and convenient.

These platforms offer opportunities for individuals to start their own businesses without the need for significant investment.

Kenyan smartphone owners can tap into this market by selling various items such as handmade crafts, clothing, electronics, and more.

With apps like Jumia and Kilimall gaining popularity in Kenya, engaging in e-commerce through your phone has never been easier.

Smartphone users have the opportunity to establish their own virtual shops through e-commerce websites and apps which allows them to reach a much wider audience than traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Reviewing Applications

Kenyan smartphone users have the opportunity to earn money by reviewing applications.

By providing feedback and suggestions on various mobile apps, you can contribute to their improvement while earning a side income.

With the growing app market in Kenya, companies are constantly seeking user insights and reviews to enhance their products.

Companies often offer compensation for reviewing applications, making it an accessible way for Kenyans to make money with their smartphones.

Leveraging this gig economy trend enables smartphone owners to monetize their time spent using apps while helping companies improve user experience and functionality.

Reviewing applications allows Kenyans to tap into a simple yet profitable opportunity through their smartphones.


Reviewing applications can be a stepping stone to exploring the world of freelancing.

As a Kenyan smartphone owner, you have various opportunities to take on freelance work that matches your skills and interests.

Whether it’s graphic design, content writing, social media management, or virtual assistance, there are platforms available for you to showcase your expertise and connect with clients who are seeking your services.

With an increasing demand for remote workers, freelancing through your smartphone can open doors to earning potential without being tied to traditional office hours.

You have the chance to join millions of freelancers worldwide by leveraging your smartphone for tasks and projects.

By creating a standout profile on reputable freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr and delivering high-quality work consistently, you can establish yourself as a reliable freelancer in Kenya.

Tips for Success in Smartphone Gigs

– Follow your passions, maintain a professional approach, and stay organized and dedicated to maximize your earning potential with smartphone gigs. Read on to discover more tips for success in smartphone gigs!

Follow your passions

Pursuing your passions can lead to long-term success in smartphone gigs. Whether it’s through photography, vlogging, or blogging, engaging in activities you love will drive your motivation and dedication.

Finding ways to monetize what you enjoy doing can lead to a fulfilling income stream.

Leverage your interests by turning them into profitable smartphone gigs. If you’re passionate about a particular topic or skill, there are numerous opportunities for earning money from your phone while doing what you love.

Maintain a professional approach

Transitioning from following your passions, maintaining a professional approach is crucial to succeed in smartphone gigs. When engaging in online earning opportunities with your phone, it’s essential to present yourself in a professional manner.

This includes communicating clearly and respectfully, meeting deadlines, and delivering high-quality work consistently.

Staying organized and dedicated is pivotal for maintaining professionalism. Keep track of all commitments and ensure timely responses to clients or potential customers. As you navigate the gig economy in Kenya, remember that professionalism not only builds credibility for yourself but also sets the stage for long-term success.

Stay organized and dedicated

Maintaining a professional approach is essential for success in smartphone gigs, but staying organized and dedicated is equally crucial. To make the most of your earning opportunities with your phone, it’s important to create a schedule or to-do list to manage your time effectively.

Dedicate specific hours each day to work on your chosen gig, whether it’s responding to surveys, capturing stunning photographs, creating vlogs, or writing blog posts.

Furthermore, staying organized involves keeping track of deadlines for freelance projects, managing e-commerce inventory efficiently if you’re selling products online, and consistently monitoring the performance of any affiliate marketing endeavors.

Potential Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Dealing with competition in the smartphone gig market can be tough, but you can overcome this by staying innovative and offering unique value. Managing time and balancing multiple gigs may seem daunting, but creating a schedule and prioritizing tasks can help you stay on top of your game.

Lastly, staying motivated in the ever-changing digital world is crucial, so surround yourself with like-minded individuals and constantly seek new learning opportunities to keep your passion alive.

Dealing with competition

Competition in the smartphone gig industry can be fierce, but you can stand out by showcasing your unique skills. Utilize your creativity and deliver high-quality work to set yourself apart from others.

By understanding what makes you different and continuously honing your craft, you’ll position yourself as a top choice for clients or customers seeking smartphone services.

Employ strategic marketing efforts to build a strong personal brand that resonates with your target audience. Showcase your expertise through engaging social media content and leverage positive client testimonials or reviews to demonstrate the value you bring to the table.

Managing time and balancing multiple gigs

To effectively manage time and balance multiple gigs, prioritize your tasks based on their importance and deadlines. Utilize productivity tools such as calendar apps and to-do lists to organize your schedule and ensure that you allocate sufficient time for each gig.

Additionally, consider setting specific time blocks for each task to maintain focus and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

It’s essential to establish boundaries when juggling multiple gigs. Clearly define your working hours for each gig to prevent burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance. When transitioning between different tasks or gigs, take short breaks to stay refreshed and maintain productivity throughout the day.

Staying motivated

When juggling multiple gigs, staying motivated can be challenging. However, remember that following your passions and pursuing smartphone gigs that interest you can help keep your motivation high.

To stay organized and dedicated, set specific goals for each gig and prioritize tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, maintaining a professional approach by meeting deadlines and delivering quality work will not only boost your confidence but also drive your motivation to excel in various smartphone earning opportunities.

Moreover, managing time efficiently is crucial for staying motivated when working on multiple smartphone gigs. Set aside dedicated time slots for each gig to ensure balance and prevent burnout.

Leveraging legitimate apps like Swagbucks can also provide the extra push needed as they offer monetary rewards or vouchers for completing tasks such as taking surveys or watching videos through their platform.


In conclusion, you’ve discovered seven lucrative smartphone gigs in Kenya that can help you earn money from your phone. These practical and efficient strategies are easy to implement and offer a range of opportunities for success.

How will you put these smartphone gigs into action to enhance your income? Consider exploring these legitimate and high-potential opportunities further as they can lead to significant improvements in your financial situation.

Keep the momentum going by seeking additional resources or guidance to expand your earning potential through smartphone gigs. Let this information be the catalyst that motivates you to explore new possibilities and seize every opportunity!

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