Earn Free M-PESA Cash Viewing Online Ads In Kenya

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 11:33 am

Feeling swamped by the daily grind and dreaming of an easy way to pocket some extra cash in Kenya? You’re definitely not sailing that boat alone. With the cost of living climbing faster than a cheetah on the chase, scores of Kenyans are on the lookout for additional income streams.

If your internet connection is as steady as your ambition and you’ve got moments to spare, earning money through viewing online ads might just be the side gig you didn’t know you were searching for.

Like many, I too have felt the pinch and searched high and low for avenues to pad my wallet. My journey took me down many paths until I stumbled upon gems like MyPoints — a beacon for those looking to earn M-PESA cash simply by diving into video content online.

This article isn’t just words on a screen; it’s brimming with actionable insights into how to unlock this potential with nothing more than your trusty phone or laptop.

I’m here to share real-deal sites worth your time and advice that could turbocharge what you earn without leaving home. So settle in, fix yourself a cuppa something nice, and let’s explore together how those ad views can transform into tangible cash flow!

Ways to Earn Cash by Watching Ads in Kenya

Earn Free M-PESA Cash by joining online platforms like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Adscend Media, Vindale Research, and MyPoints. You can also make money by writing video subtitles on YouTube, Fiverr, Netflix or reviewing movies and TV shows for royalties.

Joining online platforms such as InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Adscend Media, Vindale Research, MyPoints

I’ve discovered that signing up with websites like InboxDollars and Swagbucks is a solid strategy for making some extra cash. These online platforms reward me just for watching videos and ads – it’s as easy as lounging on my sofa with my smartphone.

With every ad view, I see my M-PESA balance grow without much effort.

MyPoints particularly stands out here in Kenya, offering a user-friendly interface that works seamlessly on both desktops and mobile devices. Besides video-watching tasks, they have plenty of other activities to help me earn money online.

From taking surveys to shopping deals, each task adds more free M-PESA cash into my account, making this side hustle not only diverse but also quite fun.

Writing video subtitles on YouTube, Fiverr, Netflix

To earn extra income, I write video subtitles for platforms like YouTube, Fiverr, and Netflix. This side hustle allows me to monetize my language skills and expertise in transcribing audio content.

By providing accurate subtitles, I contribute to making videos more accessible to a wider audience. Many creators and production companies seek out subtitle writers to reach viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing or those who speak different languages.

Writing video subtitles is a flexible way to make money online while also supporting inclusive content creation.

In addition to writing video subtitles on various platforms, exploring other opportunities such as reviewing movies and TV shows can further enhance my earnings. Engaging with diverse tasks not only ensures a steady stream of income but also exposes me to new experiences within the online moneymaking realm.

Reviewing movies and TV shows for royalties, becoming a freelance writer or tagger on Netflix, monetizing a blog

Watching movies and TV shows for royalties can be a rewarding way to earn extra income. By becoming a freelance writer or tagger on Netflix, you can leverage your skills to generate additional revenue.

Monetizing a blog is another avenue to explore for potential income streams. These opportunities provide ways to make money online and get paid through M-Pesa, offering Kenyans financial flexibility and independence in their spare time.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings and Other Concerns

To maximize earnings from watching online ads, it’s important to research and choose the best websites and apps for ad viewing. It’s also beneficial to diversify tasks and take advantage of referral program bonuses to boost income.

Additionally, setting videos on looping player mode can increase the number of ads viewed and income earned.

Researching the best websites and apps for watching ads

To find the best websites and apps for watching ads, I explored various platforms like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Adscend Media, and MyPoints. These platforms offer easy ways to earn money by simply watching videos on your desktop or mobile device.

In addition to these online earning websites, there are also mobile apps and games that pay real money through M-Pesa in Kenya.

Researching these options ensures that you can make an informed decision about which platforms work best for you.

Engaging with different platforms has allowed me to discover diverse opportunities for earning income online while getting paid conveniently through M-Pesa. By utilizing a variety of websites and apps, I’ve found financial flexibility and independence as incentives for supplementing my income.

Diversifying tasks

After researching the best websites and apps for watching ads, it’s important to consider diversifying tasks to maximize your earnings. In Kenya, there are various ways to earn money online, such as writing video subtitles on platforms like YouTube and Netflix, reviewing movies and TV shows for royalties, or becoming a freelance writer.

Additionally, you can explore opportunities in tagger roles on Netflix or monetize a blog. Diversifying tasks not only keeps things interesting but also opens up multiple streams of income.

By broadening your scope and engaging in different activities, you can increase your chances of earning more M-PESA cash while enjoying diverse online moneymaking opportunities.

You may also want to explore using referral program bonuses as another way to diversify tasks and boost earnings further. It’s essential to keep an eye out for various earning avenues within the online ad viewing space in Kenya since different tasks can yield varying levels of rewards.

Using referral program bonuses

Diversifying tasks can add excitement to your side hustle, and using referral program bonuses can boost your earnings even further. Many online platforms in Kenya offer referral programs that allow you to earn extra cash by inviting friends and family to join.

By sharing your unique referral link or code with others, you can receive bonuses or commissions when they sign up and start earning through the platform. This is a simple yet effective way to maximize your income from watching ads and videos online.

Plus, it’s a win-win situation as your referrals also get the opportunity to make money in their spare time.

Setting videos on looping player mode

To maximize earnings while watching videos for money, I often set videos on looping player mode. This means that instead of manually selecting each video to watch, I can let them play continuously without any interruptions.

By setting up a playlist or using a dedicated app with looping features, I can passively earn cash while the videos play in the background. This method allows me to efficiently earn additional income without constantly needing to interact with the screen.

Taking advantage of the looping player mode has proven to be an effective way to boost my earnings when watching ads and videos online. It enables me to optimize my time by allowing multiple videos to run continuously, ultimately increasing my overall earning potential from different platforms and apps.

Addressing common concerns about cost and tools required.

For those concerned about the cost and tools needed, many online platforms offering ad-viewing opportunities are accessible through standard desktops or mobile devices. There is no need for expensive equipment or software.

The beauty of this side hustle is its simplicity – all that’s required is an internet connection, which is readily available to most Kenyans on various affordable data plans. It’s a straightforward way to earn extra M-PESA cash without significant upfront costs.

The potential for earning money by watching ads and videos online provides flexibility and convenience to fit around your schedule, making it a viable option for Kenyans looking to supplement their income.


In conclusion, earning free M-PESA cash by viewing online ads in Kenya is a practical and efficient way to supplement income.

Have you explored these strategies? Implementing these tips can lead to significant improvements in your financial situation.

The impact of utilizing online platforms for M-PESA earnings cannot be underestimated.

Want to learn more about maximizing your earnings through ad viewing?

It’s time to take action and explore the wealth of opportunities available! Ready to embark on this money-making journey today?

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