A Beginner's Guide To Instagram Marketing in Kenya

A Beginner’s Guide To Instagram Marketing in Kenya

Are you looking to get more followers, likes, and engagement on your Instagram account? You’re not alone. This article will give you a complete guide for Instagram marketing in Kenya. 

We’ll start with some basics that will help you get off the ground in terms of understanding how this platform is different than others. 

Then we’ll move onto some strategies for getting started and growing your following. 

Finally, we’ll talk about what’s next- so once you’ve built up a thriving community, there are ways to keep it going strong!

Why use Instagram to market in Kenya?

Instagram marketing in Kenya is an excellent way to get your message out there. 

It’s a perfect medium for reaching people who are looking for what you offer, and it helps them feel like they know and understand why they should buy from you.

The benefits are endless when it comes down to why people should be using this platform. 

For one, posting images or videos have no cost other than your time spent creating them which means there is no financial burden making an account. 

Second, users get to post whatever they want as many times per day as they would like which means the content is more likely to be shared with friends and family. 

This cycle of sharing boosts awareness of what you offer on a daily basis, helping people know about your business in Kenya and how it can help them without any effort from your side!

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How to get started with Instagram marketing in Kenya

Before anything, you need an Instagram account in Kenya if you do not have one already.

Follow these steps to create an Instagram account in Kenya

Step 1: Download the Instagram app

  • For iOS
  • For Android

Step 2: Sign up

  • Open the app.
  • Tap Create New Account (on iOS) or Sign Up With Email or Phone Number (on Android).
  • Enter your email or phone number and tap Next.
  • Create your username and password.
  • Fill out your profile info (more on this in Tip 4) and tap Next.

Step 3: Switch to a business account

  • Go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon at the top right.
  • Tap Settings, then Account.
  • Tap Switch to a professional account.
  • Tap Business and follow the prompts.

Once you have an account, use these to guide in creating an effective Instagram, marketing strategy in Kenya.

What are my goals? 

The first step is always figuring out what you want from Instagram: do you want more followers, likes, comments…or all three?! 

You may also have other specific things like traffic referrals or increased conversions- these will determine how you go about achieving those goals. 

What is your budget?

Next up is setting your budget and deciding on whether or not to give away free products in order to increase engagement- there are pros and cons so make sure it’s right for your business model before proceeding! 

When it comes to the actual product and content, there are endless possibilities- but we’ll focus on some tried and true methods for getting started! Finally, don’t forget to measure your success (you need a way of tracking your goals!).

Instagram marketing in Kenya tactics and tips

1). Use hashtags

Consider hashtags and the appropriate ones for your brand, as well ‍- these are words that begin with an “a” or “#”. 

Hashtags should be relevant to your post content (e.g., if you’re posting about yoga, include #yoga) but don’t overdo it! 

There is little point in tagging more than 20 times per post unless they all have something different going on; pick the most important details that highlight what makes them special and let those do some of the work instead.

2). Post regularly to Instagram

Posting something every day is the best way to stay on your followers’ radar.

And it’s also a good idea when you’re building up an account from scratch because people are more likely to follow new profiles that post frequently than those who don’t.

If this sounds overwhelming or tedious, try setting aside just five minutes per day for posting photos to Instagram — that works out at about two hours of work over one month (assuming 30 days).

It takes less time than many people spend watching TV each week!

3). Influencer marketing

Develop influencer relationships before hiring them to promote products or services on their own account ‍- it’ll save time and money if they’re already a fan of what you do/sell! 

Some great ways of getting started include finding collaborators at conferences (see who’s speaking) or connecting through friends in your industry. 

You may want to pay them upfront but be sure not to make any promises without following through- after all, there will always be a few bad eggs.

4). Optimize your profile

This can be done by filling out your bio and adding a link to an outside website. 

This will give you a branding opportunity, which is something that’s hard to get on any social media platform!

What to include in your Instagram bio in Kenya

  • Include a link to your website or blog
  • Include your company name and what you do
  • Use hashtags in order to help others find you

Filling out this information makes it easier for people who don’t know about your business to learn more about who you are. It also helps attract potential clients! 

They may be searching for the type of work that you offer, thanks to finding your profile on Instagram.

5). Add links to Instagram Stories 

Add links within Instagram Stories when possible – this way people can click through directly from their feed without having to open up another app/website first.

6). Write great captions

The key to captions is creating a sense of exclusivity, which will make other people want to follow you. 

Don’t be afraid to write long-form content or go into detail about how something was made — the more detailed it is, the better!

7). Have Instagram aesthetic

It’s important to have the same aesthetic on your Instagram profile as you do for your blog and for successful Instagram marketing in Kenya. This way, new followers will know what they can expect! 

Consider adding a custom logo and using a consistent color palette.

Additionally, the content should be in the order of appearance from top to bottom (does not matter if it is long or short) – It must include branding information (logo and tagline). 

Consider including an image that best represents the topic. If there are images with captions, consider starting them with #caption: so we can get the article organized into easily read lists.

  •  All pages need to start out by writing something about how people use this page (#instagram marketing tips), why they might want to come to this page (#instagram marketing tips), or what they might want to find in the rest of this article (#instagram marketing tips).
  • Headings should be used appropriately. It is not necessary for all headings on a page, but enough for people to navigate through the content easily.
  • Numbered lists are helpful so readers know what order to read things in (e.g., “consider doing these three steps first before moving onto step four”). 
  • Bullets point out important points and make it easier for readers who want only specific information within an area of content.

8). Choose the right profile photo

Profile photos should be taken in front of a plain background. This makes it easier to identify the photo as belonging to that account and helps prevent confusion if someone is scrolling through different pics on one page.

  • Try not to have too many people or things in your pic, especially ones unrelated to what you are trying to show (#credibility)
  • Choose an image style that matches the content of your blog post 
  • Avoid using selfies – they tend to look posed rather than natural.

9). Use Instagram live

Make an event page for your live show on Instagram in Kenya that includes a link to the streaming video and text content about what people will be able to watch (#engagement) 

Then provide viewers with information before, during, and after your Instagram Live broadcast so they know how long it is going to last.

For example:

“We’re starting in five minutes!” at the beginning of the stream, or “I’ll see you later” when ending.” 

Don’t forget that this can also work as a marketing strategy for products! 

Showcase new items through a short video clip while explaining how they work. 

This way customers get engaged with product features without feeling pushed into purchasing something they aren’t sure about. (#discoverability)

When uploading a video, ensure it is vertical and lasts only fifteen seconds or less. This will guarantee that viewers don’t lose interest because the content moves so quickly. 

And remember: think of Instagram as your own personal TV channel! You want to keep audiences entertained and engaged with quality videos.

How to get more likes on Instagram in Kenya

For profitable Instagram marketing in Kenya, you need likes and engagement.

There are two main ways to get more likes on your posts- by using hashtags or by posting particularly interesting content. 

We’ll cover both of these methods in detail below. 

Method #1: Using hashtags

First, let’s talk about hashtags… 

A hashtag is a word preceded by the symbol # followed by words related to something specific such as marketing company names (#marketing). 

When you search for a hashtag it will pull up all posts containing that same tag so if there’s one particular topic you want people to see it’s best not to use just any old hashtag but try to find ones related to your post.

Hashtags are great for targeting a specific group of people who may be interested in the same topic but not know about it yet. 

An important thing to remember is that hashtags can’t contain spaces so make sure you put them all together without any space between words! 

Method #2: Posting engaging content

Next, we will talk about how to get more likes by posting content with high engagement levels- when posts have lots and lots of comments or shares

The best way to create this type of content is through contests and giveaways.

How to get more followers on Instagram in Kenya

To make money on Instagram in Kenya, you need followers. And here is how to get Instagram followers in Kenya.

-Add a link to your website in your bio section (this will increase conversions as you are likely asking them to click the link if they want more information). 

“Follow” other accounts who have similar content so that when people look at their profile, yours is also shown. The person can “follow back” or check out what you’re doing and may decide it’s worth following too!

-Focus heavily on the caption – use hashtags where possible but be sure not to spam keywords because this will decrease engagement rates with users over time. Hashtags should always be relevant and add value for readers rather than simply using them for the sake of it.

“Tag” people in your posts where appropriate so they are exposed to your content and may decide that yours is worth following too!

-Start a conversation with people by asking questions or commenting on theirs – this will encourage interaction which often leads to more Instagram followers. 

-Post regularly – if you post less than once a week, your account will seem inactive to potential followers.

-Take photos of everything! The sheer variety and creativity of the content ensure that people are more likely to find something they like in what you’re posting. 

-“Like” other people’s posts so as not to come across as being self-centered or solely interested in promoting oneself through social media but instead active on it and engaged with others too.

-Be yourself!! Do not pretend to be anyone else because this will lead to decreased engagement rates over time when users realize there is nothing genuine about them anymore. People often choose accounts based on their own personality type for a reason – think about why yours would appeal most before deciding to change it.

-Post often and post quality content! Instagram is a platform where people are quick to judge so do not post anything unless you feel good about the message, photo, or video that you’re creating. It’s also important to make sure that your posts have been edited for maximum impact (think of filters!) 

-Engage with other accounts in order to create relationships with new users and strengthen ties with current followers – this will lead back down the line when they see something from one account pop up on their feed again because of engagement leading them there.

Final thoughts

The quick and easy guide for Instagram marketing in Kenya: keep it simple! 

Keep in mind what you want to communicate about your brand; choose an attractive setting (or backdrop) with natural light – these two factors can make all the difference between a hit or miss post! 

The same goes with choosing colors too, think about which ones work best together before snapping anything. 

If you’re new to creating visual posts, find inspiration from other brands on IG who have mastered their craft! 

And finally, remember to include a call-to-action, whether that be asking your followers to tag their friends in the post or click on a link to purchase your product.


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